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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> she's one of hundreds demonstrating outrage over the two separate police shooting deaths of castile in minnesota and alton sterling in baton rouge. >> to watch that on social media was some of the most traumatizing footage that i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: the multicultural crowd held signs that read, quote, stop police brutality, stop racist police and stop racial terror. philando castile was at a traffic stop where police shot him. in baton rouge, they opened fire, killing him. we don't know what happened before the video footage. >> we don't know w
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we're watching police who we all pay for them to protect us murder their own citizens. i just -- i don't understand how nothing is being done. >> reporter: the crowd grows as more than 3,000 people march from the white house to the capitol demanding president obama and congress stop what they decide is police brutality. >> you're here protesting. what's next? >> i'm going to continue protesting? >> reporter: why? >> because black lives matter. >> reporter: now, tonight we reached out to capitol police, park police and d.c. police. there were no arrests in relation to the protests. no problems with them. live here in d. vc., shamari stone, news4. this is video from times square in new york about an hour ago. let's go to chris lawrence.
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on the communities most impacted by these recent shootings. chris? >> jim, there aren't many cities in the country right now where the emotions are as raw as they are right now in minneapolis-st. paul. tonight protesters heard a stunning admission from minnesota governor mark dayton who said philando castile died in part because he was black. he said nobody in minnesota should be shot and killed while seated in their car. teachers and parents of the school where he worked say the kids loved castile, and his mother said he always tried to do the right thing. >> we all feel the pain of losing a loved one, but i never in my wildest dreams would think that i would lose my son to a person or a society that's supposed to
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>> reporter: the facebook video showing the aftermath of the castile shooting is reverberating in baton rouge where the community is still reeling from alton sterling's death. >> make sure the county is held accountable. demand it from the county, demand it from the chief. don't let this just be another death, another facebook picture. >> of course, we're keeping an eye on what's going on at dallas right now, the breaking news at the top of the hour, the reports that perhaps two police officers have been shot there in dallas. we'll keep an eye on that. we'll bring you an update as soon as we hearing anything. doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. we can do better. that was the word from president obama tonight after he landed in poland for a
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abo police shootings in the country, unrest in the black community and racial injustice in our justice system. >> all of us as americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents. there is a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same. to be concerned about these issues is not to be against law enforcement. when people say black lives matter, that doesn't mean blue lives don't matter, it just means all lives matter, but right now the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more
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these kinds of incidents. i just ask folks to step back ask think, what if this happened to somebody in your family? >> mr. obama also mentioned his task force on 21st century policing. it was formed in late 2014 after the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner in new york. it was made up of civil rights activists and law enforcement. the task force released a series of recommendations last year. president obama applauded police departments across the country that have adopted those recommendations, but he said too many have not acted quickly enough. we have continuing coverage right now on with videos, statements, and a photo gallery as the nation learned of these shootings. head over to n brks krrkbnbcwas and put in police shootings. w
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in the 90s. >> summer heat means the possibility of summer storms. doug, how is tomorrow shaping up? >> we will see some of those storms tomorrow, and the heat well into the 90s, 93 in d.c. take a look at virginia beach today. 93 in ocean city, coming in at 91 out there toward the beaches. look at the heat index. this is the heat index at 11:00. still at 90 in d.c., 87 in a p annapol annapolis, so extremely warm and muggy. we did see some thunderstorms down to the south of t. most of those are gone now, but moving toward southern maryland. these will die before they move in here, but we are going to see another chance tomorrow. the heat continues, the chance of storms are there tomorrow, some of which could be strong and that will help bring a change for the weekend. we'll talk about that weekend change. i'll see in you just a minute. >> doug, thank you. >
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after two officers were shot during a protest rally there. stay with us for any new developments in that case. and now we want to show you some live pictures. this is near the white house. right now what's left of those protesters who marched to the capitol this evening. stay with us here on news
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thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ it's the first video of an officer-involved shooting to be released from the d.c. officer's body camera since they started using them la
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it shows officers pleading with a man, waving a gun before shooting him to death. that gun turned out to be a bb gun. [ gunshots ] >> after about a 7-minute standoff, 63-year-old sherman evans allegedly raised his arm, pointing the gun at police, who district officials tell us had no choice but to open fire. the officers are being praised for how they responded. >> how our officers respond, engaged with the subject and the suspect before making the decision to use deadly force, i think that is a marked difference when you look at this video versus the videos that are being talked about nationally for the police-involved shooting in louisiana and in minnesota. >> tonight union officials are blasting the mayor's office for releasing the video, saying she should have allowed the u.s. attorney to review the case first. tonight there is a manhunt for two men police say are armed and dangerous and members of a gang. they're wanted for the murder of
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park in june. meanwhile, two other people have been arrested in the case. news4's kristin wright has our report. >> reporter: jose carerra ventura and oscar perez are wanted for murder. police say they're members of the notorious ms-13 gang. >> these two individuals are extremely dangerous and they're on the run. >> reporter: police say ventura and perez kled a man at malcolm king park in june, stabbing him more than 14 times. he was a landscaper and not believed to be in a gang. police say they're trying to stop the senseless acts of gang violence in the county. >> we're working with our partners at health and human sfrsz services at the recreation department to offer youth a good outlet so they're not susceptible to be recruited into gangs. >>
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with murder. court records show in a jailhouse phone call, alvarado's boyfriend asked if it was a hit. she answered yes. >> alvarado lured christian to the area with the promise of sex. she did this because members of ms-13 decided that they wanted to kill christian. >> reporter: montgomery county police tell us that county council has given them more money to bring on two new gang investigators. meanwhile tonight, police say they need tips in finding ventura and delgado-perez. there is an award in crimestoppers. kristin wright, news4. an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the show. our sister station in dallas is now confirming that two police officers have been shot, seven other people injured after that rally in dallas.
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dallas showing solidarity for other communities that have been affected by these officer-involved shootings this week in both louisiana and minnesota. towards the end of that rally, witness reports were telling police that gunshots rang out and two dallas police officers have been shot. that's coming from an officer at the scene talking to our sister station in dallas. again, a lot of confusion going on at that scene right now. no word on whether any civilians have been shot. again, seven people injured. we're not sure if they've been shot, but again, we'll stay on top of this story and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. doreen? >> chris, thank you. one day you may be able to ride a gondola from roslyn to georgetown. one of many public meetings just wrapped up tonight. the gondola would go right next to the key bridge on the potomac river. >> this is important, i think, to connect our two vibrant cities, georgetown and
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this could provide great transportation options and even bringing tourists to our area. >> they say it would be about a four-minute trip. archeologists are now conduct ag feasibility study. a dog wandered into a green line metro station today and police are looking for his owner. they tell us the small, golden-colored dog wandered onto the west hyattsville station alone and was not wearing thi tags to identify him. the transit police tweeted today they would love to get him reunited with his family. the shelter now has can you say toid of t -- custody of the dog. if you think you know who he belongs to, you can call the number on the screen. >> in the middle of a heat wave. when will it let up?
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today and tomorrow may be the hottest days in this heat wave. 93 today, tomorrow going for 94 degrees. a very nice sky out there tonight. a couple planets you can see there. 85 degrees, winds out of the west at 7 miles an hour. 85 at 8:00. the heat index still close to 90 degrees in parts of the area. now, storm team 4 radar clear around our area. we did see a couple showers and storms down to the south in charles county and stafford county in fredricksburg, and still tracking a few showers to the loop. some of these may clip parts of st. mary's county and some parts seeing rain, but that's about it. there's a little disturbance in the atmosphere just to the south. that will move on out of here and behind it we have a few
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there's one to the north. that was actually a lake breeze. another one to the west. that's the one we'll be watching for tomorrow and we could see a couple strong storms tomorrow, maybe even a severe storm or two. but not very widespread. 1:00, mostly everybody just very hot and humid. here comes the showers and thunderstorms. look what happens around 3:00 or 4: 4:00. you see a line developing. if they do come through your area, expect lots of rain. by 7:00, most of them are out but still dealing with a couple light showers. if you're heading out tomorrow night, i think you'll be okay. 95 tomorrow. definitely not less muggy. more muggy, hot and humid. heat index near 100. i think we could get over 100 tomorrow with the heat index in d.c. if the storms wait a little bit. temperatures, 96 in manassas. we might be near 98 down here. 98 in
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everyone will be on the hot side tomorrow. if you're doing activities, make sure it's a morning run. that's the best time to do it. early evening tomorrow, that's okay, too. going to the pool? we do think we'll see those storms in the afternoon. outdoor work, if you're working outdoors, that's the one area we have in red. lots of water for you there. 94 on saturday, but it's like an arizona heat. it's a dry heat on saturday. at least it will be a little more comfortable on saturday, not quite as humid. 89 on sunday. beautiful on monday. sunday and monday a couple beautiful days. nice and breezy. then we move back into the 90s and you can see there we're predict ag sing a six-day strett least, of 90s during the week. the heat will stick around, but it's the month of -- >> july. >> she beat you to it. coming up, bryce
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well, the nats have seen better nights. >> they're not getting any breaks before the all-star break. most home runs at citifield in one night since the park opened in 2009, they were all solo shots, though, except for one late that turned out to be the difference for the mets. nats fans up in new york hoping to see their team continue to se
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harper at the dish, and harper takes this bartol cologne offering deep. he mocks the nats crowd. two on for wilmer flores. two home runs yesterday for the mets. mets take a 7-6 lead. top 7, nats. they're down two runs. and he just smacks this fifth home run of the season against the mets. a new career high in home runs with 15 on the year and the nats are within one. now in the ninth, last chance for the nats. harper trying to quiet the crowd once again, but he goes down swinging to win the game. the nats win it 9-7. now just three games down of the nats in the division. kevin durant is in the building. the first warriors appearance for
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native. a lot of buzz about this move, of course, good and bad. this morning k.d. defended his position and talked about come to das come to go thatainful decision that it was time to leave okc. >> tears were shed, but this was a new journey for me to test the unknown. i trusted my gut, i trust mid instinct. it's an unpopular decision but i can live with it. >> scott brooks coached k.d. in oklahoma city. the wizards were not one of the teams he would meet with before ultimately picking golden state. we're talking to brooks today who says he's not feeling rejected and still has a lot of love for his former player. >> before i signed with washington, i've had a
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the phone, a lot of great text messages back and forth. and we have a connection that nobody can take away, but like i said, i wish him well. i'm not focused on their team. i have a great group of guys to coach here, and i'm excited about moving this team forward. summer league starts this weekend. more on coach brooks on what he expects from his wizard stars when he joins us on sports final 7:00 on ns4 rightew what if we designed a stain for your deck... that not only looked as handsome as charles stephens' barrel on his farewell voyage over niagara falls...
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i'm chris lawrence back at the live desk with an update on that breaking news we brought you out of dallas. it's not the kind of update we wanted to be bringing you. we can now confirm four dallas rapid transit police officers have been shot. one of them has died from his injuries. again, four dallas rapid transit police officers shot, one has died. dart is dallas' version of metro. think of metro transit police. that is what the dart transit police are. they were working the area downtown when this protest was going on. the protest was in solidarity with some of the police-involved shootings in other communities. as the protest was winding down, shots started ringing out, people started running. now, one of our reporters at our
11:32 pm
that dallas police think they have the gunman confined to a building and are currently negotiating with that person. look for more updates tomorrow on news4 this morning. i'm going to send it back to jim and doreen. >> we thank you for having us in for news. of course, the "today" show will have much more on
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson, jim gaffigan,